About Me

Aloha! I am Katie, and just like very other girl I am trying to get through life doing the best I can to get involved in different things and be considered to be marginally okay at something or interesting in one way or another! So, in order to showcase all my current interest, and obsessions that fly past me in life, I decided to start a blog.

I am psychology graduate from Durham University. I also undertook a masters in Human Resource Management, but am hopefully going back to concentrate on philosophy or psychology, and one day have something to show an employer! At the moment I tend to lounge around the house editing photos and making jewellery. I am hoping to start an illustration course soon, or an art course to maybe sideline my photography.

In my spare time I love to ramble about dating. I am not ashamed to say I spend a lot of money on non successful subscription to dating sites, and any part of a young single woman’s plight is her dating life. So a section is going to be devoted to that!

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