Oh Lord…… an OPD and dating!

Around about this time a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with obsessive personality disorder. Although it doesn’t cause massive distress to me, it did help me pinpoint exactly why I have a few problems in some area’s of my life, and how to rationally cope with them.

When it comes to dating, obsessiveness can be both a positive and a negative. On one hand, it means you don’t get involved when you ‘know’ that the person doesn’t exactly match your standards. But then, just as similarly, its hard to connect with people, unless they possess the same goals, believes, upbringing and just about everything else, when you wont settle for anything less than perfect.  Which means, an OPD can find themselves, continuously single. Of course, that’s a impairment to itself, but what’s worse is when an OPD has an imagination. You could end up waiting for a person that doesn’t exist, or even impossible to exist.

So I have joined many dating sites in the past two years on my search for a loving, kind, intelligent and successful Beau! The first of which I shall review right now is PlentyofFish.com. So far after around a year and a half on it I have seen two people who I think I could imagine myself in a serious relationship with. I added them favourites only to find that both had, when I went back, deleted their accounts.

So I find that I am now on a search for them both. I know neither of their names, just that one was a graphic designer from Durham, who said he loved photography as it was a massive part of his job, the other a dentistry MSc student in Manchester.


I did ring round many graphic designers in the Durham area, and anyone who is in the area who could possibly know a early twenty something, highly interested in photography, with black hair and a dorky face, report here!! As for the dentistry MSc student in Manchester brown hair and a cute face.

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