In the beginning…

As much as Id like to start keeping you updated with my day to day goings on, ramblings, and just general moans, I feel I must show you a little of what my work when it comes to photography has been like over the past few years. In the next few post, and as an introduction to my blog, I am going to post most of my previous portfolio with a little narration of my recent journey.

In 2010, I was a fresher at Durham University, lacking in confidence and desperate to make friends, I realised I had an old Nikon d50 sat at home with a cheap film lens. I rallied up my classmates and started a ModelMayhem account. Every in focus picture would be shown to my Mum, with her congratulating me and saying I had ‘such a talent’ and could be famous one day!

Anyway after realising I could produce quite good picture, and make people happy I decided to start shooting quite regularly. My Mum would drive me to all the shoots and would come with me to meet the models in the beginning until I gradually grew in confidence to meet them myself.




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